I am a geologist and professor at the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology of the University of Granada (Spain). I am the curator of the museum of minerals at this Department


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Euroclay 2023

CONFERENCE THEMES Chemistry & Mineralogy | Health & Environment | Applications & Valorization | Materials Sciences | Geology & Engineering | Soils & Sediments | […]


SAHC 2023

Owing to the success of the past editions, the SAHC conference has become one of the finest exceptional recurrent events for scientific discussion, communication and […]

HMC 2022

HMC 2022

The 6th Historic Mortar Conference 2022 will focus on research concerning the technology, characterization, and significance of historic mortars. Additional topics of interest include: conservation […]


Master CiTPA

Los materiales de construcción, las técnicas modernas e innovadoras actuales, los medios auxiliares científicos e informáticos desarrollados en los últimos años plantean un estimulante panorama […]


The Munich Show

The Munich Show is Europe’ s top show for gems, jewellery, minerals and accessories. Web page of the Munich Show ⇒