I am a geologist and associate professor at the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology of the University of Granada (Spain). I am the curator of the museum of minerals at this Department


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MetroArchaeo 2019

MetroArchaeo (Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage) brings together researchers and operators in the enhancement, characterization and preservation of archaeological and cultural heritage with the main […]


Euroclay 2019

EUROCLAY is amongst the foremost scientific meetings in the field of clays and clay minerals, and upholds the tradition of presenting every four years, the […]


XVI ECerS Conference 2019

The XVI Conference of the European Ceramic Society Conference (ECerS) will be focusing on nine general themes covering most aspects of ceramic science and technology: […]


EMAC 2019

The European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC) is a biennial conference convening scholars and young researchers with diverse academic backgrounds from both the humanities and […]


STONE 2020

MONUMENT FUTURE: DECAY AND CONSERVATION OF STONE The weathering and conservation of historic buildings, masonry, monuments, sculptures, etc. using natual stones is  well-known problem since […]


Master CiTPA

Los materiales de construcción, las técnicas modernas e innovadoras actuales, los medios auxiliares científicos e informáticos desarrollados en los últimos años plantean un estimulante panorama […]

Munich 2019

Munich Show

The Munich Show is Europe’ s top show for gems, jewellery, minerals and accessories. Web page of the Munich Show ⇒