I am a Ph.D. scholar at the Department of Philosophy I, University of Granada, Spain. I am part of the research project Contemporary Expressivisms and the Indispensability of the Normative Vocabulary: Scope and Limits of the Expressivist Hypothesis (FFI2016-80088). My interest areas are philosophy of language and philosophy of logic.

My Ph.D. thesis, written under the supervision of María José Frápolli and Neftalí Villanueva, has The Logical-Semantic Status of Relativized Propositions: Metatheoretical Analysis and Study Cases as its working title. Its aim is to explore how the notion of a relativized proposition has evolved and to compare relativism, the position that argues for the theoretical place of relativized propositions, with other contemporary semantic alternatives, such as contextualism and expressivism. As part of the completion of my thesis, I have been a visiting Ph.D. student at the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris under the supervision of Isidora Stojanovic and at the Department of Philosophy at University of California, Berkeley under the supervision of John MacFarlane.

In this site you can find my papers, my talks, my courses, my projects and my contact data, as well as my CV.