Doctor in Philosophy by the University of Granada (Spain) with a dissertation on the meaning of metaphor and the logic-semantic principles of its expression and production (1992).

Tenured Lecturer of Philosophy of Language in the Philosophy Department at the University of Granada.

I systematically work with the linguist Belén Soria (since 1993). We currently share a research project on unarticulated constituents in superdordinate propositions funded by the Spanish Ministry of Research, Science and Technology.

Research Interests

My research has always been addressed to problems of philosophy of Language or disciplines related to it.

Since 1987, I have devoted myself to the topic of metaphor, its characteristic features and its role in verbal communication. I have also worked on the explanation of the different inferential processes that allow the interpretation of different types of utterances (metaphorical, metonymical, elliptical, etc.), in particular, of those processes that intervene in what is said. Intimately related to this is my interest in justifying what features of utterances trigger one process of interpretation rather than another.

I am a regular reader of Grice and what is written about him.

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