[Call] FiloLab International Summer School 2019, July 8-12

Discursive Injustice and Social Criticism: Epistemology and Training for Deliberation

From Monday 8 to Friday 12, July 2019, in Granada (Spain)

From July 8th to 12th, 2019, in its second edition, the FiloLab-International Summer School (FL-ISS) will offer doctoral students and young doctors from different countries the opportunity to present their work in progress or recently finished research, get qualified comment, and be assessed on their postdoctoral projection.

The deadline for submitting proposals has been extended until May 31st.

The course is specially designed so that young researchers can present their work linked to their PhD, or articles in progress, to senior peers and academics in the field of argumentation, epistemology, applied ethics and deliberation, for comment and discussion.

Tutoring processes will be facilitated by renowned professors from Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as an academic exchange with peers who share research interests. The aim is to generate opportunities for collaboration between young researchers and senior researchers from different disciplines related to philosophy.

The course will take four days, with two sessions concentrated in the mornings and one in the afternoon, leaving the evenings free to be dedicated to informal academic and leisure activities. Each session will last 1 h. 30′, with a maximum of 45′ of exposition followed by a commentary and discussion for another 45′. The interventions will be grouped according to their thematic and methodological affinity. Researchers will present their doctoral work in progress or their postdoc projects. Then, guest professors will comment on the exposition and then moderate the session, with the participation of professors from FiloLab-UGR Excellence Unit and the rest of the audience. This year, Saray Ayala (California State University) and Asger Sørensen (University of Aarhus) will participate as guest professors. In addition, we will have the presence in the sessions of members of the FiloLab Excellence Unit.

You can find all the information about the Summer School on our website.

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