The day of truth facing misinformation

Next Wednesday, March 24, the “G.W. Leibniz Chair of Philosophy” of the University of Granada celebrates the “Day of Truth” in an event open to the public from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. via Google Meet (

Under the motto “Without truth there is no justice. Without justice there is no peace”, the Truth Observatory -which belongs to the Leibniz Chair of the UGR- launches the cycle “Truth Day” for another year. The event is part of the initiative promoted by the UN in 2010 (Resolution 65/196) that establishes March 24 as the “International Day for the Right to the Truth”.

In its fourth edition of “The day of truth” will be dedicated to reflecting upon the features of “Communication” that influence “Post-truth” and vice versa, and will be attended by journalists and lecturers of four Spanish Universities. In the era of massive access to information technologies it is particularly important to vindicate this right of truth, even more when citizens are concerned to witness to systemic problems of society like misinformation, hoaxes and fake news.

We want the event to be of interest to communication professionals, students, users of media and social networks, journalists’ associations and organizations, entities dedicated to audiovisual management and citizens in general.

Some of the discussion topics will be:

  • Post-truth, social networks and lack of assurance in respect to truth.
  • Propaganda and fake news
  • Misinformation and media system
  • Journalistic deontology and filters to face post-truth


– Profª. Lucia Ballesteros-Aguayo (University of Sevilla)
– Prof. Miguel Vázquez Liñán (University of Sevilla)
– Prof. Francisco Javier Ruiz del Olmo (University of Málaga)
– Profª. María Lamuedra Graván (University of Sevilla)
– Prof. Raúl Magallón Rosa (University Carlos III of Madrid)
– Presentation: Prof. Juan A. Nicolás (University of Granada)

The project “Veritas. Truth Observatory” falls within the activities of the Leibniz Chair of the UGR. Its main objective is to obtain, spread and evaluate information regarding the problem of truth in its different social, political, philosophic and scientific aspects. This classical notion in Philosophy, which is used in a daily basis, is being questioned today. Thus, faced with the post-truth phenomenon the “Veritas Observatory” proposes alternatives in an educational attempt to shape a more enlightened and critic citizenship.

Contact: Ana Ramírez
Research Staff
Dpt. Filosofía II-Univeristy of Granada

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