Lilian Bermejo Luque

Lilian Bermejo Luque is an Associate Professor-tenured who works for the Department of Philosophy I at the University of Granada. She is the director of the FiloLab Scientific Unit of Excellence, which focuses on controversies and public debate. She is also the president of the Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking. Her main area of expertise is Argumentation Theory and her publications include the monographs Giving Reasons. A linguistic-pragmatic approach to Argumentation Theory (2011) and Falacias y Argumentación (2015). She is a member of the European Conference on Argumentation steering committee and part of the editorial board of scientific journals such as Informal Logic, Cogency and Revista Iberoamericana de Argumentación.

Areas of research

Development and applications of the Linguistic Normative Model of Argumentation (LNMA) for the interpretation, analysis and evalution of argumentation in natural language.

Study and integration of the logical, dialectical and rhetorical dimensions of argumentative discourse and the link between the justificatory force and the persuasive force of argumentation. Characterization of argumentation as a certain type of speech act.

Study of non-verbal argumentation, visual argumentation and several types of non-deductive inferences (presumptive, conductive, analogical, etc.).

Selected publications

[2019] Bermejo-Luque, Lilian. "On the relationship between presumptions and burdens of proof." Presumptions and Burden of Proof: An Anthology, edited by Lilian Bermejo-Luque, Hans V. Hansen, James B. Freeman, and Fred J. Kauffeld. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

[2019] Bermejo-Luque, Lilian, Hans V. Hansen, James B. Freeman, and Fred J. Kauffeld (Eds.). Presumptions and Burdens of Proof: An Anthology of Argumentation and the Law. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

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[2018] Bermejo-Luque, Lilian. "Bebés a la carta, biobancos y edición genética. Analogías y metáforas en el discurso sobre genómica." Monográfico Usos y abusos de la edición genética, La maleta de Portbou, no. 30, julio-agosto, pp. 40-45.

[2017] Bermejo-Luque, Lilian. "Argumentative and non-argumentative rhetorical content. Two examples in same-sex marriage discourse." Argumentation in Real and Virtual Environments, edited by Cornelia Ilie, and Guliana Garzone. Amsterdam: John Benjamin Publishers.

[2017] Bermejo-Luque, Lilian, and Cristina Corredor (Coords.). Monográfico en Argumentation, 31/3. Presumptions, Presumptive Inferences and Burdens of Proof.

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Co-PI of the research project "The justification of normative models for constitutively normative practices. Proposal and applications" (PID2019-107478GB-I00)