Manuel de Pinedo García

FiloLab Guarantor Researcher

Associate Professor-tenured, Department of Philosophy I, UGR



Manuel de Pinedo is an Associate Professor-tenured at the Department of Philosophy I of the University of Granada. He completed his postgraduate studies at the University College Galway (Ireland) and Sussex University (United Kingdom). His main areas of expertise are Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology and Philosophy of Biology. He has published in international journals such as Synthese, Biology & Philosophy, Frontiers in Psychology and Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. Among his co-authors are Jason Noble (Southampton), Hilan Bensusan (Brasilia) and Manuel Heras-Escribano (UPV).

Areas of research

His current research, with Neftalí Villanueva and María José Frápolli, focuses on expressivism and normativity and the political turn in analytic philosophy.

His work with Manuel Heras focuses on the conceptual bases of ecological psychology and the anti-representationalism.

Selected publications

[2019] Pinedo, Manuel. "Dos formas de quietismo: ¿De qué se puede hablar en filosofía?" Disputatio. Philosophical Research Bulletin, vol. 8, no. 9. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3236912.

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