Llanos Navarro Laespada

FiloLab Associate Researcher

Junior FPU Researcher, Department of Philosophy I, UGR

Email address: llanosnavarro@ugr.es


Llanos Navarro Laespada is a Junior FPU Researcher at the Department of Philosophy I of the University of Granada. She is a member of the Unit of Exellence FiloLab-UGR and the research project "Contemporary Expressivisms and the Indispensability of Normative Vocabulary: Scope and Limits of the Expressivist Hypothesis"(FFI2016-80088). Her research interests are Philosophy of Language and Metaethics.

Areas of research

Application of the inferentialist theory of meaning to the study of Discourse Ethics. Discursive injustice and epistemological injustice.

Selected publications

[2017] Navarro Laespada, Llanos. "Inferencialismo en el discurso ético." Boletín de la Sociedad de Lógica, Metodología y Filosofía de la Ciencia, no. 62, pp. 66-80.