About me

I am a geneticist and evolutionary biologist working as Catedrático (professor) in the Department of Genetics in the University of Granada, Spain.

I graduated in 1990 in Biology at the University of Granada, where I also obtained my PhD with a thesis on the genetic resources in a worldwide collection of Annona cherimola cultivars. After, I enjoyed a postdoc position in the Werren lab in the Department of Biology of The University of Rochester (Rochester, NY, USA). During the academic year 2016/17, I was visiting scholar in the Rothfels lab in the University of California Berkeley.

My current scientific interest is centered into the co-evolutionary process, both at genomic and ecological/population levels.  As a member of the EVOFLOR group, I study the difuse co-evolution among flowers and their pollinators, merging molecular genetics and modeling approaches. With the scientific project PREGEPES we have started to analyze the role of pollinators, hibridization and polyploidy in the speciation process in the genus Erysimum. At genomic level, we use as work system the fascinating B-chromosomes of the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans. These are chromosomes that behave as parasites reducing the fitness of the host individuals that carrying them.


Postal address

Francisco Perfectti
Departamento de Genética
Facultad de Ciencias, Campus Fuentenueva
Universidad de Granada
18071 Granada, Spain

Phone, Fax, E-mail

Phone: +34 958 249 697
Fax: +34 958 244 073

fperfect @ ugr.es


PERSONAL: http://wpd.ugr.es/~fperfect or http://www.perfectti.org

GGE: http://www.bchromosomes.org

EVOFLOR: http://www.evoflor.org 

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