We will deal with several conceptual aspects related to the difference between the different varieties of expressivism and other semantic alternatives. In particular:

  • O5a. The difference between Gibbard’s expressivism and MacFarlane’s relativism.
  • O5b. The difference between different expressivism and different varieties of contextualism that involve the possibility of adding conflicts of attitudes to propositional conflicts.
  • O5c. The difference between Yalcin’s and Stalnaker’s compositional expressivism and contextualism. We will explore the possibility that these two alternatives are nothing but notational variants.
  • O5d. The difference between Chrisman’s epistemic expressivism and Lewis’ epistemic contextualism.

  • Bordonaba, D. & Villanueva, N. (forthcoming). “Tres sentidos de relativismo”. Análisis: Revista de Investigación Filosófica, 5(1), 217-238.