Symmetry and shape: Celebrating Prof. J. Berndt's 60th birthday

Santiago de Compostela (Spain)


According to Felix Klein, geometry is the study of those properties in space that are invariant under a given transformation group. Intuitively, symmetry is the correspondence of shape at every point of a space. An interesting problem in geometry and many physical sciences is to determine the symmetries of a space from its shape. In Riemannian geometry, the natural group to consider is the isometry group, that is, the group of transformations of a manifold that preserve distances.

The aim of this conference is to gather experts from around the world in the study of symmetry in submanifold geometry, whilst we celebrate Jürgen Berndt's 60th birthday. The conference will revolve around the study of homogeneous submanifolds, including cohomogeneity one and polar actions, their characterization via concepts like isoparametric submanifolds or singular Riemannian foliations and their interaction with other topics in Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis.