Math Institute of the University of Granada

Welcome to the web site of the Math Institute of the University of Granada (IEMath-GR). This center, located in the University of Granada, is one of the four venues of the Spanish Institute of Mathematics (IEMath). The Institute is an instrument for the mathematical community, in order to enhance and spread the knowledge in mathematics. To develop this task, the Institute receives visitor researchers in collaboration with local or national researchers, and hosts different kinds of math events: Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Advanced Courses, etc. These events are open to be applied by the mathematical world community and affine areas. The institute is also available for collaborations with external enterprises.

Courses and Seminars


To organize a seminar in IEMath-GR, please fill and send the electronic form appearing under the Applying for an activity



Khachai Ilias Allal

Conferences and meetings


Pure and Applied Differential Geometry

XXVI International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics (IFWGP)