Charla de Martin Buhmann

Detalles de Evento

Título: The Mathematikum
Conferenciante: Martin Buhmann (Mathematikum, Alemania)
Resumen: Hands-on, minds-on and Mathe macht glücklich [Maths makes you happy] are the mottos of the Mathematikum. About 200 experiments on 1500 m² on four floors invite the visitors to try and understand what mathematics is about - in easy to try, but non-trivial mathematical problems and puzzles. The concept is to explain basics - and modern research subjects - of mathematics in a way that people enjoy and understand what the ideas and usefulness of mathematics are all about.

The subjects range from Pythagoras theorem to unsolved conjectures about prime numbers - and more than 160 000 visitors per year speak for themselves.
Fecha: 5 de abril de 2018, 17:00 - 18:00
Lugar: Sala de Conferencias, IEMath-GR