Conference of Misael Marriaga Castillo

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Title: Three term relations for Koornwinder orthogonal polynomials
Speaker: Misael Marriaga Castillo (UC3M)
Abstract: When polynomials in $d$ variables are expressed in vector form, they satisfy exactly $d$ three term relations with matrix coefficients. In this work we consider the Koornwinder's method to construct orthogonal polynomials in two variables from orthogonal polynomials in one variable, and we study the three term relations for these polynomials. Using the three term recurrence relation for the involved univariate orthogonal polynomials, we deduce the explicit expression for the matrix coefficients. These matrices are diagonal or tridiagonal with entries computable from the one variable relations. Moreover, some particular cases are studied.
22 October 2015, 10:00, First Floor Seminar Room, IEMath-GR