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  • Inicio: 21 marzo 2017 13:00
  • Lugar de encuentro: IEMath-GR
  • Categorías: ,
  • Speaker: Andrea Sfecci
  • Institution: Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona)

Conferenciante: Andrea Sfecci (Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona))
Título: "Dynamics of radial elliptic PDEs: the Fowler transformation"
Fecha y hora: Martes 21 de marzo de 2017, 13:10
Lugar de encuentro: Seminario de la primera planta, IEMath-GR
Existence of entire radial solutions of radial elliptic PDEs can be investigated by the use of invariant manifold theory. By the introduction of the Fowler transformation we can obtain a nonautonomous dynamical system having a saddle-type equilibrium at the origin. The existence of homoclinic trajectories is strictly related to the existence of regular fast decay solutions of the elliptic PDE. Different asymptotic behaviors of the nonlinearity ruling the PDE, provide different dynamics. Some further application are possible in presence of Hardy potentials and for p-Laplace equation.