Seminario de Geometría

Detalles de Evento

  • Inicio: 2 febrero 2018 11:30
  • Lugar de encuentro: Seminario 1ª planta
  • Categorías: ,
  • Speaker: Didier Solís Gamboa
  • Institution: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Seminario de Geometría
Ponente: Didier Solís Gamboa
Día y hora: 2 de febrero de 2018, de 11:30 a 12:30
Lugar: Seminario 1, IEMath-GR

Título: On the geometry of the set of compact subsets of riemannian spaceforms
Resumen: In this talk we present some interesting features of the geodesic structure of the space of compact subsets of $R^n$ and $H^n$ endowed with the Hausdorff metric. In particular, we show that such spaces are not spaces of curvature bounded from below. We further investigate connections between these spaces and the Hilbert cube.