Seminario de Geometría

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Este evento terminó el 07 junio 2018.

Título: The Hopf Fibration
Conferenciante: Marian Ioan Munteanu (University "Al.I.Cuza" of Iasi, Rumanía)
Resumen: We recall some classical results on the Hopf fibration $f:S^3 -> S^2$. We focus on the preimage of a curve gamma on $S^2$ via the projection $f$. It is known as the Hopf tube over gamma and we give some curvature properties. We point out, as application related to Physics, some developments on magnetic curves on the 3-dimensional sphere. We complete the lectures extending all these studies to the fibration $M^3(c) -> S^2(r)$, where $M^3(c)$ is an elliptic Sasakian space form.
Fecha: 4, 5, 6 y 7 de junio de 2018, 9:00 - 11:00
Lugar: Aula A-21, Facultad de Ciencias