Seminario de Geometría

Detalles de Evento

  • Inicio: 16 octubre 2015 11:30
  • Lugar de encuentro: Seminario 1ª planta
  • Categorías: ,
  • Institution: Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
  • Host: Joaquín Pérez
  • Speaker: José M. Manzano

Title: On the area growth of constant mean curvature graphs in $\mathbb{E}(\kappa,\tau)$-spaces.
Speaker: J. Miguel Manzano (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Abstract: In this talk we will discuss some estimates for the extrinsic area growth of constant mean curvature graphs in the simply-connected homogenous 3-manifolds $\mathbb{E}(\kappa,\tau)$, whose isometry group has dimension at least 4. Such estimates follow from analyzing the height that geodesic balls reach in $\mathbb{E}(\kappa,\tau)$, and will allow us to give sharp upper bounds for the extrinsic area growth of distinguished families of constant mean curvature surfaces such as invariant surfaces, complete graphs and k-noids. Finally we will focus on the study of entire minimal graphs in $\mathbb{E}(\kappa,\tau)$ with $\kappa <0$, for which sharper estimates are obtained by assuming restrictions on the height growth. This is a joint work with Barbara Nelli, which can be downloaded at
16 October 2015, 11:30, 1st Floor Seminar room, IEMath-GR
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