Junior research positions at CAMGSD

The Center for Mathematical Analysis, Geometry, and Dynamical Systems of the Instituto Superior Técnico at the University of Lisbon in Portugal (http://camgsd.tecnico.ulisboa.pt), is in the process of opening two junior research positions in the scientific area of Mathematics.

Positions are for three years and the chosen candidates should start their activities preferably in January, 2021.
Applicants must hold a doctorate in Mathematics or in a related field, awarded after September 2016. Foreign Doctorate degrees must be officially recognized in Portugal until the end of the official application period. The recognition of foreign academic degrees and diplomas as well as the conversion of the final grade to the Portuguese classification scale can be obtained from any public higher education institution or from the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES, only in case of automatic recognition). Regarding this matter, the candidates should go to the DGES portal through the following website: http://www.dges.gov.pt.

We strongly recommend the interested candidates to start the recognition process as soon as possible.
The candidates must show outstanding research promise in one of the focus areas of the Center. To back their candidacies, they are encouraged to contact one of the members of the Center (https://camgsd.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/membros). The members can also help in giving additional information about the Research Center.

The official call notice will be published (most probably in October/November) at the website (https://ist-id.pt/concursos/dl-572016-2/recrutamento/) and the opening will be also announced at (https://camgsd.tecnico.ulisboa.pt).

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