Postdoctoral position at Warwick (UK)

The Warwick Mathematics Institute is currently inviting applications for one 12 month postdoctoral position in geometric analysis, hosted by Peter Topping.

The position is within a larger research consortium including also Andre Neves (Imperial, Chicago) and Mihalis Dafermos (Cambridge, Princeton), funded by EPSRC.

The proposed start date is 1 September 2017, although this is flexible (earlier or later). The position must finish before the end of 2018.

The position is particularly suitable for candidates wishing to delay an offer from elsewhere while they visit Warwick for 1 year.

Candidates should have experience of, and strong research potential in, some of the following areas: Geometric analysis, geometric flows, nonlinear partial differential equations, and differential geometry.

The main duties of the position will be research, and the development of the geometric analysis group. There will be at most a light teaching load (the historical maximum has been 30 x 50 min lectures in the year). Travel support of at least 2400 GBP for the year is available.

** Closing date: 4 January 2017 **

To apply, go to:

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