The study of anionic lipoplexes, i.e. ternary systems formed by anionic lipids, cations and DNA, becomes the main research line in the project “Physicochemical properties of DNA-lipid complexes with biotechnology applications” (P09-FQM-4698). This research project was funded by Junta de Andalucía and was carried out in the Department of Applied Physics in the University of Granada (Spain) under the supervision of Dr. Alberto Martín-Molina (see abstract of the project).

This research line has continued through of 2 Microprojects from “Compromiso con la investigación y el desarrollo” supported by Campus de Excelencia Internacional BioTic Granada:

1. Mechanics properties of lipid interfaces: experiments and all-atomic simulactions (BS14-2015). Principal Investigator: Teresa del Castillo-Santaella.

2. Biophysics of phosphatidic acid interfaces (BS28-2015). Principal Investigator: Germán Luque-Caballero and Alberto Martín-Molina.

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