The project team is actively involved in multidisciplinary basic and applied research in interface physics, surface engineering and coatings. These areas are mainly investigated experimentally. The project team  is formed by Ph.D. degree researchers with different background: 3 physicists and 2 mechanical engineers belonging to 3 different universities (2 spanish and 1 canadian). The members of the project team are internationally recognized researchers or experts in industrial processess. The team has a wide range of contacts inside and outside Spain.






Imagen5Miguel A. Rodríguez Valverde cropped-logoUGR.jpg Applied Physics Leader Wetting phenomena
Imagen6Miguel Cabrerizo Vílchez cropped-logoUGR.jpg Applied Physics Researcher Wetting phenomena, Instrumentation
Imagen7Francisco Javier Montes-Ruiz Cabello cropped-logoUGR.jpg Applied Physics Researcher Superhydrophobicity
Imagen8Guillermo Guerrero Vacas Imagen3 Mechanics Researcher Engineering of Non-stick coatings
Imagen9Alidad Amirfazli Imagen2 Mechanical Engineering Researcher Superhydrophobicity