Agata Ignaciuk

Principal Investigator. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of the History of Science, University of Granada, Spain. Her main research line is gender and the history of reproductive health and rights. She published on the history of oral contraceptive pill in Spain and Poland, the history of Spanish women’s abortion travel and on contraceptive technologies in communist Poland. Her work appeared in Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Medical History, Social History of Medicine and Gender and History. Personal website: 🡢 Link

Mikel Astrain

He is a Professor of the History of Science, University of Granada, Spain. He is the Department Chair of Pathological Anatomy and the History of Science and co-editor of Dynamis journal for the history of medicine, science and health. His research has focused on modern science and medicine and the medical profession in the Kingdom of Granada.

Ramón Castejón Bolea

He is a Professor of the History of Science in the Department of Public Heath, History of Science and Gynaecology of Miguel Hernández University in Elche, Spain. He also pertains to the Interuniversity Institute López Piñero at the MH University. His research focuses on the history of medicine, public health and sexuality from a gender perspective. He published on the history of sexually transmitted diseases, social medicine, sexuality and eugenics in Spain. Personal website: 🡢 Link

Ángela Segura Arenas

She has a degree in Biology in the biosanitary branch from the University of Valencia (2020) and a master's degree in History of Science and Scientific Communication from the same university (2021). She is currently a doctoral student at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche with a thesis project on sex education in late-Francoist Spain and the Transition (framed between 1965 and 1985).

Eugenia Gil García

She is a Professor in the Department of Nursing of the University of Seville, Spain. She is also the Coordinator of the interuniversity PhD programme in health sciences and the President of the University of Seville’s Ethics Committee. Her research focuses on gender, health and care work, as well as on the approaches to non-oncological chronic pain: 🡢 Link 

Gracia Maroto Navarro

She is a psychologicst and holds a PhD in health sciences. She is a Professor at the Andalusian School of Public Health, Spain. She is an expert in Epidemiology and clinical research, and is a member of several Spanish and international research groups and projects. She has an established research line in sexual and reproductive health.

Teresa Ortiz Gómez

She is a Professor of a History of Science and collaborator of the Department of the History of Science, University of Granada, Spain. Her most recent research line focused on the history of family planning in Spain. Personal website: 🡢 Link

Maria Mundi Lopez

She graduated in Medicine from the University of Granada (2022). She is currently a Master's student in History of Science, Knowledge and Technique at the École d'Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales de Paris (EHESS) and a PhD student at the University of Granada where she is carrying out a project on the history of medical abortion in Spain from the 1980s onwards.