[TeC] Ernani Chaves: «Genealogy of the subject of desire: Foucault and Lacan», February 18

Next Monday, February 18, Ernani Chaves (Federal University of Pará, Brazil) will participate in the FiloLab Work in Progress Seminar (TeC FiloLab) with a session on «Genealogy of the Subject of Desire: Foucault and Lacan». The talk will take place in the Sala de Juntas de Filosofía of the Building of the Faculty of Psychology, at 10:30 h.

Ernani Chaves is Full Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Federal University of Pará (Brazil). Professor of the Postgraduate Programs in Philosophy (Master) and Psychology (Master and Doctorate) of the same institution. Author of several articles and book chapters published in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the United States. Author of the books: «Foucault and psychoanalysis» (1988), «On the edge of Modernity: studies on Nietzsche and Walter Benjamin» (2003) and «Michel Foucault and cynical truth» (2013).

Summary of the conference
The publication of «The confessions of the flesh», the last volume of Foucault’s History of Sexuality, intends to give continuity to what Foucault called «genealogy of the man of desire» or even of the «subject of desire». Ernani Chaves will try to show to what extent that genealogy includes psychoanalysis, especially the Freud-Lacan side.

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