2nd International Conference on Fatphobia and Aesthtic Violence against Women: José Luis Moreno Pestaña’s Intervention

On the 5 May, José Luis Moreno Pestaña, researcher at FiloLab, gave the conference ‘ Discriminación corporal en el trabajo’ (‘Body discrimination in the workplace’) as part of the  2nd International Conference on Fatphobia and Aesthetic Violence against Women, organised by the Canary Islands Government and the Equality Institute of the Canary Islands. Health professionals discussed the physical and mental dangers of dieting, addressing how to take care of our body and health without harming it. Fatphobia was also introduced  with a focus on its intersection with employment and racism. José Luis Moreno Pestaña’s  speech focused on the Guía sobre Discriminación Corporal en el Trabajo (Guidelines on Body Discrimination in the Workplace), written by José Luis Moreno Pestaña (FiloLab, University of Granada) in collaboration with Clara Castarnedo Calvo (Employment Secretary of CCOO Granada), María José López Garrido (Trade Union Action and Occupational Health and Safety Secretary of CCOO) y Daniel Mesa Sánchez (Insitutional Paritcipation Secretary of CCOO).

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