[Call] International Summer School 2018, 10-14 sept. 2018

International Summer School:
“Emotions and judgment: Argumentation, biases and public affairs”

10-14 September 2018, Granada (Spain)

FiloLab-International Summer School (FL-ISS) will offer PhD students and young doctors from several countries the opportunity to present their ongoing research, get qualified comment, and be assessed on their postdoctoral projection.

The course is especially designed so that young researchers can present their research linked to the doctoral thesis — recently completed or close to completion —, or articles in progress, to senior peers and academics in the field of argumentation, epistemology and applied ethics, for comment and discussion.

The process will involve tutorials by renowned professors from Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as academical exchanges with peers who share research interests. This Summer School will promote dialogue and collaboration among researchers in various fields, in an international and interdisciplinary spirit.

In addition, there will be specific assessments about strategies for publication and diffusion of doctoral research. The school will count with the presence of editors of several journals and publishing houses, such as Theoria, Dilemata, Daimon, Isegoría, Plaza y Valdés and Comares.

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