Workshop on Emergence, June 18

On Tuesday, June 18, there will be a Workshop with Stephen Mumford and Sophie Gibb (University of Durham) on the notion of emergence. It will be held in the Sala de Juntas de Filosofía (Building of the Faculty of Psychology) at 9:30 h.


9:30-10:30     Stephen Mumford (Durham): Emergence and Naturalism

10:35-11:30    Sophie Gibb (Durham): Emergentism and the Causal Closure Principle

Coffee break

12:00-12:45    Francesco Consiglio (Granada):  The Emergence of Categories in a Cultural Niche

12:45-14:00    Round table: The Uses of Emergence

Nemesio García-Carril Puy (Granada): Emergence in Music

Ólafur Páll Jónsson (Iceland): Emergence and Vagueness: An Aristotelian Perspective

Fernando Martínez Manrique (Granada): Emergence and Submergence

Manuel de Pinedo (Granada): Emergentism and Enactivism


More information about emergence, in this link.

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