[Call] Second International Congress in Communication and Philosophy, November 22-23

The 2nd International Congress in Communication and Philosophy will take place in Priego (Córdoba) on November 22th-23th, 2019. The deadline for submitting proposals is October 14th. This Congress includes in its program a Symposium on “Post-truth: a multidisciplinary phenomenon.” Papers about different disciplines such as Journalism, Psychology, Education, Philosophy, Sociology, Law, etc. are always accepted in relation to the post-truth phenomenon.

All those interested in this current and controversial issue are invited to participate and present their papers. This Symposium is part of the activities of “Veritas: Observatorio de la Verdad”, which is one of the projects developed within the framework of the “G.W. Leibniz Chair of Philosophy” of the University of Granada. This activity is also included in the Scientific Unit of Excellence of the UGR “FiloLab”.

For more information, you can consult the website of Véritas: Observatorio de la Verdad and also the website of the Congress itself.

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