María J. Frápolli (ed.)(2019), Expressivisms, Knowledge and Truth. Cambridge University Press

Claims with expressive meaning do not represent states of affairs. This thesis defines expressivisms of all kinds. Its scope can be global affecting all uses of language, or alternatively be restricted to some specific areas of discourse, or to some specific terms and phrases. This volume offers a comprehensive survey of the varieties and subtleties of nondescriptivist and non-representationalist views currently discussed in the philosophy of language, meta-semantics and meta-ethics, which are rooted in the two main sources of contemporary expressivism: the approach to the meaning of ethical terms derived from meta-ethical emotivism, and the pragmatic approach to ‘meaning as use’ that Wittgenstein displayed in his Philosophical Investigations.

Contributors: Dorit Bar-On, Corine Besson, Matthew Chrisman, María José Frápolli, Javier Osorio, Huw Price, Andres Soria, Isidora Stojanovic, Neftalí Villanueva, and José Zalabardo

Expressivisms, Knowledge and Truth

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