Publication of “Ir a clase con Foucault”

“Ir a clase con Foucault”, by José Luis Moreno Pestaña (Coordinator)

He rushes into the amphitheatre and gets to his chair. He puts the recorders aside to make room for his documents on the table. He takes off his jacket, lights up the lamp and sits down. He turns his gaze up as his glasses reflect the brightness of the light and he starts speaking. The sound of his strong, effective and enlightening voice can be heard through the speakers by the more than 500 people crammed in the room. Thus begins another of his lectures in the Collège of France.

This book, written by José Luis Moreno Pestaña together with prestigious researchers and internationally renowned experts in Michael Foucault’s thinking, is not just a trip to the lectures that one of the intellectuals that changed the 20th century gave between 1970 and 1984. Neither is it just an analysis of each of the topics that he addressed in his lectures nor a formidable presentation of his research. Ir a clase con Foucault is essentially an open invitation to welcome Foucault and take him to our classrooms, a temptation to always bring him with us.


This book was written with the participation of:

Jorge Álvarez Yágüez Lucía Gómez José Luis Moreno Pestaña
Antonio Campillo Emma Ingala Gómez Amanda Núñez
Rodrigo Castro Orellana Francisco Jódar Belén Quejigo
Salvador Cayuela Sánchez Pablo López Álvarez Nuria Sánchez Madrid
Joaquín Fortanet Pablo Lópiz Francisco Vázquez García


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