“Ethics of Care” seminar

The 6th April, Esther Massó Guijarro—researcher at FiloLab— presented the “Ethics of Care” seminar together with Rosana Triviño at the Andalusian School of Public Health of Granada. This seminar took place in the framework of the 4th module on ethics, gender and care which is part of the 11th Diploma of Specialisation in Bioethics, organised by the Andalusian School of Public Health.

Following the proposals and analyses of Kohlberg and Gilligan, this seminar shows how the ethics of care are a critical and complementary approach to traditional ethics of justice so as to move towards a non-binary and non-exclusive conception of gender, amongst other values. Through a hybrid methodology that combines theory and group practice, students are expected to develop and integrate approaches and guiding principles regarding ethics of care which can be applied to their professional profile—mainly to the healthcare sector in the framework of this Specialisation Course. After a critical assessment of these issues, the seminar concludes with Eva Feder Kitaay’s (1999) principle of social responsibility for care: “To each according to his or her need for care, from each according to his or her capacity for care, and such support from social institutions as to make available resources and opportunities to those providing care, so that all will be adequately attended in relations that are sustaining”.

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