List of services


  • Training in conflict resolution
    We offer training aimed at identifying the type of disagreement involved in a conflict and the way in which each type of disagreement can be resolved.
  • Training in speech production and review
    We offer training in argumentation and other phenomena associated with discourse (presuppositions, unwanted commitments, role of some relevant contextual elements, etc.).
  • Training in inclusive language
    We offer training in inclusive language and how to use words without discriminating, excluding or offending.
  • Training for staff members of ethics committees and deontological commissions of different professions
    We offer training in case analysis, research ethics, clinical ethics and organizational ethics. This includes case studies, identification of conflicting values, deliberation procedures and formulation of consensual solutions.

Elaboration of codes of good practice

  • Development of directions about the inclusive use of language
    Directions promoting inclusive and respectful linguistic practices with the whole audience.
  • Preparation of Corporate Social Responsibility plans
    Evaluation of CSR policies and preparation of plans.
  • Elaboration of good practice protocols for the use of social media
    Guidelines for the moderation of discussion forums.


  • We review texts to help locate points where unwanted commitments are made and suggest ways to avoid such commitments
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: assessment
  • We help analyze possible types of disagreements that can take place within an organization and advise how to minimize damage in such conflict situations
  • Advice on good practices in the use of chats and social media
  • Review of the ethical aspects of research projects in national and international calls

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