Doc-Course in Geometric Analysis

Cádiz-Granada-Sevilla (Spain)


This event is organized by the Andalusian Math Institutes IEMath (Granada) and IMUS (Seville), together with the University of Cádiz, and will consist of three parts:

  1. Introductory courses:
    1. The isoperimetric problem,
    2. Constant mean curvature surfaces,
    3. Minimal surfaces,
    4. Other geometric PDEs.
    These courses will take place at IEMath and IMUS (October 1-25), and there will be 15-20 seats for PhD students, who will be selected among all applicants according to their curricula.
  2. Selected PhD students will also have the chance to carry out a short research program supervised by experts at IEMath or IMUS (November 4-December 5), in which they will delve into some research topics of their interest, and will present their results at a small workshop at the end of this period.
  3. A conference on Geometric Analysis will take place at the University of Cádiz (October 28-31). Senior and junior speakers will show some of the most up-to-date results in different topics related to Geometric Analysis. Besides PhD students taking part in the program, the conference will be open to all researchers willing to participate.

The organization will offer grants to selected PhD students covering most of their expenses. The deadline for grant application is April 30, 2019, and selection of participants will be communicated no later than May 15, 2019.