Seminario de Ecuaciones Diferenciales

Detalles de Evento

Conferenciante: Sebastian Throm (Universidad de Granada)
Título de la conferencia: Dynamics of power networks
Abstract: Caused by the development of renewable energies in recent years, power networks experience a considerable change from few major generators to smart grids of small producers. A fundamental question for such systems is whether they achieve synchronisation to a common frequency on maybe even very large network structures. In this talk, we study this problem for a second-order Kuramoto-type rotator model. More precisely, we will present a theory of continuum limit for this model, both for deterministic and random networks. Based on these limits, the stability properties of synchronised states and their dependence on the topological properties of the underlying network are examined.
Lugar: Seminario 1, IEMath-GR
Día y hora: lunes 17 de diciembre de 2018, 13:10