Seminario de Ecuaciones Diferenciales – Martina Magliocca

Detalles de Evento

Título: Existence results for a parabolic problem with nonlinear reaction term of first order

Conferenciante: Martina Magliocca (Università di Roma "Tor Vergata")

Resumen: We present an existence result for a nonlinear parabolic problem of Cauchy-Dirichlet type having unbounded initial data and lower order term which behaves as a power of the gradient. In particular, when the gradient growth is assumed to be superlinear, we show that there exists a link between this growth rate and the class of the data which allows one to have an existence result. We also deal with the sublinear growth rate in a particular case.

5 de abril de 2016, 12:45, Seminario 1ª planta IEMath-GR

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