Seminario de Geometría

Detalles de Evento

Título: Geometric aspects of semilinear elliptic PDEs and minimal hypersurfaces on closed manifolds
Conferenciante: Marco A. M. Guaraco (University of Chicago, Estados Unidos)
Resumen: In this talk I will discuss both local and global properties of the stationary Allen-Cahn equation in closed manifolds. This equation, arising from the theory of phase transitions, has a strong connection with the theory of minimal hypersurfaces. I will summarize recent results regarding the analogy between both theories, focusing on min-max constructions. In particular, new insights into both Almgren-Pitts and Marques-Neves existence theories of minimal hypersurfaces will be discussed.
Fecha: 20 de abril de 2018, 11:30 - 12:30
Lugar: Seminario 1, IEMath-GR