Modern Topics in Nonlinear PDE and Geometric Analysis

LMS-CMI Research School

4-8 July 2016, University of Reading, Reading, UK

The school will cover important recent developments in three central areas of mathematical analysis, namely Calculus of Variations, Geometric nonlinear PDE and Mathematical Physics. For each of these research areas there will be a course consisting of two mini-courses as follows:

  • Course 1: Nonlinear PDE and Calculus of Variations
    • Lawrence C. Evans (Berkeley, USA) Nonlinear PDE and optimisation
    • Jan Kristensen (Oxford, UK) Convexity notions in the Calculus of Variations
  • Course 2: Geometric hyperbolic PDE, General Relativity & Fluid Dynamics
    • Mihalis Dafermos (Princeton, USA & Cambridge, UK) The stability problem for black holes
    • Gustav Holzegel (Imperial College London, UK) The formation of shocks in three dimensional fluid dynamics
  • Course 3: Geometric nonlinear PDE
    • Bernard Dacorogna (EPFL, CH) The pull-back equation for differential forms
    • Spyros Alexakis (Toronto, CAN) Geometric inverse problems and PDE

The school will also include distinguished guest lectures given by:

  • Robert Jensen (Loyola University of Chicago, USA),
  • Juan Manfredi (Pittsburgh, USA) Obstacle problems for the p-Laplacian via optimal stopping of Tug-of-War games

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