School on the geometry and physics of moduli spaces (Madrid, 19-23 May 2014)

The main goal of this school is to introduce graduate students, postdocs and senior researchers to several active fields of current research in the theory of moduli spaces and their interplay with geometry, topology and theoretical physics. The school is organized within the ICMAT Research Term on the Geometry and Physics of Moduli Spaces.

The school will consist of 4 introductory courses:

  • Sergei Gukov (Caltech): From Higgs bundles to knots and 3-manifolds
  • Nigel Hitchin (Oxford): Spectral curves
  • François Labourie (Orsay): Cyclic surfaces and Hitchin components
  • Peter Topping (Warwick): The Teichmueller harmonic map flow and minimal immersions

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:      31st March, 2014

VENUE:     The school will take place in Miraflores de la Sierra, a small village located 49 Km North of Madrid, Spain.

For updated information, including registration and financial support, please consult the web page

Luis Alvarez-Consul (ICMAT Madrid)
Tomas L. Gomez (ICMAT Madrid)

A school poster is downloadable from

ICMAT Severo Ochoa Programme
GEAR Network – Geometric Structures and Representation Varieties
MODULI – Indo European Collaboration on Moduli Spaces

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