Differential equations in Granada: a one-day workshop

Event Details

The aim of this meeting is to bring together and stimule collaboration among mathematicians with experience on the qualitative theory of diffe- rential equations.

List of speakers

  • Alessandro Fonda (10:00-10:50): The Poincar ́e-Birkhoff Theorem and periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems
  • Irena Rach ̊unkov ́a (10:50-11:40): Boundary value problems with state-dependent impulses
  • Milan Tvrdy ́ (11:40-12:30): Positive periodic solutions of a sin- gular problem modeling valveless pumping with friction
  • Daniel Franco (15:30-16:20): Adaptive limiter methods for con- trolling chaos in population dynamics
  • Robert Hakl (16:20-17:10): Fredholm-type theorems and its ap- plication

Place: seminario de la 2a planta, IEMATH-Granada