Seminario de Ecuaciones Diferenciales

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Conferenciante: Markus Schmidtchen (Imperial College London)
Título: Pattern Formation in Cross-Interaction Systems.
Fecha y hora: 26 de Noviembre del 2018, 13:10.
Lugar: Seminario 1 (1ª planta), IEMath
Resumen: Multi-agent systems in nature oftentimes exhibit emergent behaviour, i.e. the formation of patterns in the absence of a leader or external stimuli such as light or food sources. We present a non-local two-species cross-interaction system of partial differential equations with cross-diffusion and explore its long-time behaviour. We observe a rich zoology of behaviours exhibiting phenomena such as mixing and/or segregation of both species and the formation of travelling pulses. One of the most fascinating real world applications of this model are zebrafish with their black and yellow pigment cells whose interspecific and intraspecific interactions lead to the characteristic stripe pattern formation.