Foundation as an UGR universitary institute

Act of the extraordinary session of the UGR Council that took place on May 18th 2015, where the foundation of the institute was approved.
Internal bylaw of the institute, approved  in the same UGR Council session.


Member applications approved by the UGR Council in the session held on September 28th, 2015.
Act and member applications approved by the UGR Council in the session held on September 28th, 2015.

Before this date, new members of the institute in other UGR Council sessions. See the complete list of members and collaborators here.

Governance Committees

Institute Council

It consists of the members of the institute (UGR staff), with a representation of administrative and service staff, and students following their postgraduate courses at the Institute. It is presided by the Director of the Institute, and the Secretary will act as Secretary of the Council.

Agreements of the Institute Council:

Governance Commission

This is the executive and economic affairs council. Its members are the Director, Vice-Director and Secretary of the Institute, together with two researchers of the institute, elected by the Institute Council on March 6, 2020:

  • Joaquín Pérez (Director), department of Geometry and Topology
  • Jose A. Cañizo Rincón (Vice-Director), departament of Applied Mathematics
  • Ginés López (Secretary), department of Mathematical Analysis
  • Pilar Carrasco, Departament of Algebra
  • María del Mar Rueda, Departament of Statistics and Operative Research

External Scientific Committee

  • Tobias H Colding (MIT)
  • Gilles Godefroy (Paris VI, Jussieu)
  • Nassif Ghoussoub (British Columbia)
  • Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford)
  • Clément Mouhot (Univ Cambridge, UK)
  • Barbara Nelli (Univ LAquila, Italy)
  • Sylvia Serfaty (Courant Institute / NYU)
  • María Dolores Ugarte (Public Univ Navarra)
  • Wenceslao González-Manteiga (Univ Santiago Compostela)

Personal positions at the institute


Joaquín Pérez, Departament of Geometry and Topology. Elected on September 23th 2015 by the Institute Council, for a period of four years. Re-elected on December 13, 2019.


Ginés López, Departament of Mathematical Analysis. Proposed by the Director of the Institute among the members of the Institute (UGR Staff).

Vice Director

Jose A. Cañizo Rincón, Departament of Applied Mathematics. Proposed by the Director of the Insitute among the UGR staff members.

Coordinator for the creation of the inter-universitary Institute of Mathematical Research (IAMAT)

Miguel Sánchez, Departament of Geometry and Topology. Proposed by the Director of the institute (UGR personnel).

Research Commission

Advisory board, elected by the Institute. Most of the research areas at the institute should be represented in this board. Its president will be the Director of the Institiute, and a member designated by the president will act as a secretary. Members elected on March 6 2020. Members with (*) form the sub-Commision encharged of evaluation of the Scientific proposals sent within the Support Program of the Institute:

  • Ana María Aguilera (*)
  • José Miguel Angulo
  • Antonio Arcos
  • Jose A. Cañizo (*)
  • Pilar Carrasco
  • Jose Antonio Gálvez
  • Pedro García Sánchez (*)
  • Josefa Linares
  • Ginés López
  • Miguel Martín (*)
  • Antonio Peralta (*)
  • Joaquín Pérez (*)
  • Teresa E. Pérez
  • Manuel Ritoré
  • M. Magdalena Rodríguez
  • Patricia Román
  • Alfonso Romero
  • Antonio Ros
  • María del Mar Rueda
  • David Ruiz (*)
  • Manuel Ruiz Galán
  • María Dolores Ruiz Medina (*)
  • Miguel Sánchez (*)
  • Francisco Torralbo
  • Francisco de Asís Torres
  • Pedro Torres (*)
  • Salvador Villegas

Outreach and External Relations Commission

Advisory board, elected by the Institute Council on March 6 2020:

  • Ana María Aguilera
  • Margarita Arias
  • Pascual Jara
  • Teresa E. Pérez
  • Joaquín Pérez
  • Miguel Luis Rodríguez
  • M. Magdalena Rodríguez
  • María Victoria Velasco

Academic Commission

Responsible for the PhD Program ‘Matematicas’, run by the Institute. Elected by the Institute on July 1 2016 and renewed on March 6 2020:

  • José A. Gálvez
  • Pascual Jara
  • Antonio Martínez
  • Juan Francisco Mena
  • Miguel Sánchez

Election Board

Elected by the Institute Council on October 11 2019:

  • Antonio Martínez
  • Juan Francisco Mena
  • María del Mar Rueda

Joining the institute


The members of the institute must fulfill the following conditions.

  • To be teaching or research UGR staff (article 4 of the UGR universitary institutes regulations).
  • Own at least two research periods (six years) approved by the Comisión Nacional Evaluadora de la Actividad Investigadora.
  • No member can belong to two different UGR institutes.

The UGR Council will proceed to the adscription of new members after an approval report has been issued by the Institute and the Department where the members belong to. Staff with temporal contracts will be members while the contracts are active.

Associate members

Researchers from other insitutions could be associate members under the following conditions.

  • Members of active research projects of the Plan Nacional de I+D+i, members of a Proyecto de Excelencia or of a Grupo de Investigación from the Junta de Andalucía linked with UGR, whose research actitvity is related to Mathematics, independently from their home institution. These members must own two research periods approved by the Comisión Nacional Evaluadora de la Actividad Investigadora.
  • Applications of non-mathematicians researchers related to mathematics at the UGR could be also considered.

Associated members will not be part ot the Institute Council. However, they can use the facilities at the institute as any other member of the Insitute.

New adscriptions

The procedure to become a member or associate member is the following one.

  1. Fill and sign the form:
    Request of adscription to the institute (member/associate member application form)
  2. The form will also include a curriculum vitae of the applicant and the approval of its Department Council, or in the case of researchers outside the UGR,  from their host institution; the application must be endorsed by two institute members (endorsement form).
  3. UGR staff must also provide a sworn statement  (form) declaring that they do not belong to another UGR research institute (UGR research institute regulations).

The application will be sent by email to Once the Covernance Council of the Institute approves the application, the applicant must sent to  Vicerrectorado de Política Científica e Investigación of the UGR the following documents:

  • Adscription form to a UGR research institute (download).
  • Positive report of the institute concerning the application.
  • Positive report of the Department Council of the applicant’s host department, or for researchers outside the UGR, of their host institution.