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Departamento de Psicología Experimental de la Universidad de Granada

The appropriate response of Spanish Gitanos: short-run orientation beyond current socio-economic status…

Rationalizing the “Irrational” #SEJyDSpotlight

A test-retest assessment of the effects of mental load on ratings of affect, arousal and perceived exertion during…

What’s the best option? It seems only logical: if A is better than B, and B is better than C, then A is better than…

Behavioral Economics: Are Nudges Cost-Effective #SEJyDSpotlight

We prefer confidence over uncertainity, but we do not dislke uncertainity by itslef

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¿Puede la psicología rescatarse a sí misma? Incentivos, sesgos y replicabilidad

Sobre la reciente polémica de incluir el trastorno por videojuegos en elICD-11."Lo llaman adicción y no lo es"…