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Front page image: A fragment from the brochure "Centro de Planificación Los Naranjos", Sevilla, 1980.
The project Family planning during the last years of Francoism and the transition to democracy, 1975-1985 [La constitución de la planificación familiar en España durante los últimos años del franquismo y la transición democrática, 1975-1985], funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, ref. HAR2008-05809-HIST, has been developed throughout 2009-2012 and aims to study the emergence and the setting up of Family Planning as a social movement and health service during the last years of Francoist Spain and the transition to democracy.

In this project, the oral sources have played an essential role and allowed us to give voice and significance to the experience of people involved in the process. We have interviewed 30 people who actively participated as activists and militant feminists, health professionals and politicians. We have also used archive and printed sources (scientific publications, general press articles, women?s press and feminist publications of the era).

The project would not be possible without generous help from many people. We would like to express our gratitude, for their unselfish collaboration, to Amalia Jiménez, Reyes Hernández, Asunción Villatoro, Elvira Ramos, Maggie Jones Hammand, Pilar Jaime, Elena Arnedo, Delia Blanco, Pilar de Yzaguirre, Carmen Martínez Ten, Concha Martín Perpiñán, Begoña López Dóriga, Paloma Alcalá Cortijo, Henar Sastre Domingo, Sergio Fernández Penela, Isabel Serrano, María Luisa Orobón, Maite Nieto, Félix López, Juan de Dios Redondo, Concha Marcos, Hortensia Peñarrocha , María Izquierdo Rojo, José Ángel Lozoya, Silvia de los Reyes, Eloísa Galindo, Juan J. Albert, Mireya Forel, Juana Contreras, Ana María Ruiz Tagle, José Luis Malde and Jesús Florido.

(English translation by Marta Drewnowicz)
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