Smart 3D Interaction

S3DI is a framework to perform remote 3D interaction with an Android device.

The source code of the framework and the demos can be downloaded from here. It comes as an Android Studio project.

Currently, it allows to connect the device to a front-end web application, whitout the need of any back-end special features. The comunication relies on the WebSocket protocol and JSON for the message formating.


If you have an Android 4 capable device or above, you can try three demos here. They are also useful to understand the usage of the framework:

gallery_thumb 3D Gallery: This is a custom demo to show all the capabilities of the framework. A custom Android interface allows to perform all the canonical 3D interaction tasks (translate, scale, rotate) remotely using the sensors of the device combined with single-handed touch inputs. Also, custom control messages can be sent to the remote application in order to swich between the different models. Chrome browser is recommended.

plane_thumbPlane controller: This demo shows how easily an already existing 3D application can be adapted to allow remote interaction using the S3DI framework. The original application was developed by Eric M. as a demo based on the Ovoid library. Chrome browser is recommended.

three_thumbThree.js demo: This is a lightweight version of the 3D Gallery demo, withouth heavy models. The same android app can be used to perform the interaction. Chrome browser is recommended.