CRISTÓBAL LOZANO: Second Language Acquisition, Learner corpora, Acquisition of morphosyntax 


Research supervision

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Research background

My main research background is second language acquisition (SLA) of both English and Spanish (L1 Eng – L2 Spa and L1 Spa – L2 Eng) from a formal (linguisitc) perspective.

Likely topics for MA and PhD supervision

You need to get in touch with me for a full discussion of these topics. In general, I am interested in second language acquisition/bilingualism :

  • Bilingualism and second language (L2) acquisition: The acquisition and development of grammar (syntax, anaphora resolution, information structure). I am interested in both L2 English and L2 Spanish acquisition.

I am happy to supervise topics on how late bilinguals (adults) or early bilinguals (children) acquire linguistic aspect of their second language, e.g., the acquisition of  a certain syntactic property, the acquisition of word order, etc. Please see my ‘Publications’ page to have an idea of the sort of research I am insterested in.

  • Learner corpora: the use of corpora to investigate bilingual and L2 acquisition.

I can supervise the L2 acquisition of any of the above linguistic properties with the help of learner corpora. Learner corpora are large electronic collections of the  language produced by learners (e.g., compositions, spoken language). Corpora can inform us about how learners acquire their L2. Students can use existing corpora (see or even design and collect their own learner corpus to study a particular linguistic property.

  • Experimental design in L2 acquisition.

I can also supervise any of the above topics with the help of more experimental methods, e.g., acceptability judgement tests, reaction time experiments, etc.


These dissertations will give you an idea of the sort of topics I am supervising (or have supervised in the past), though new topics are also welcome. Some MA dissertations are downloadable.



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