Chemical synthesis methodologies of ionophores, chromoionophores, luminophors, chemiluminophors and general sensing reagents.

Development of single-use and flow optical biosensors for chemical analysis.

Development of sensors based on luminescent, chemiluminescent and electrochemiluminescent emission, adsorption, reflection and colorimetry.

Encapsulation in nano- and micro-particles.

Integration of sensors in optoelectronics components.

Printing and deposition technologies for sensors on polymeric matrices.

Measurement of ionizing radiation.

Development of mixed analog-digital portable electronic instrumentation platforms for signal processing of mono- and multi-analyte sensors.

Development of measurement algorithms for dynamically reconfigurable platforms (MCU, FPGA and FPAA).

Smart sensor processing through dynamic reconfiguration.

Design and fabrication for connectivity and sensor networks.

Development of software for computer-controlled instrumentation.

Calibration and validation of prototypes.