Are you interested in applying for a doctoral (FPI, FPU) or postdoctoral fellowship  (Skłodowska-Curie, Juan de la Cierva, etc)? Or even to start doing research as an intern student?  Please contact me!

Our team have the expertise and experience to receive fellow students and contribute to their formation as scientists in an interdisciplinary environment.

Our lab in the University of Granada and our partners (the EVOFLOR team and the Grupo de Genética Evolutiva) is composed of scientists that participate actively in doctorate programmes. We give classes in several Ph. D. and Master programs, where we give methodological and conceptual advanced courses.

The successful dissertation defenses of our previous Ph.D. students underline our formative capacity. We regularly conduct seminars, journal clubs, and lab meetings to create an inspiring scientific environment for training young scientists. In addition, the active and animated environment of The University of Granada is enriching for graduate students.

We promote mobility of researchers and graduate students at national and international levels through short stays abroad. Our students have enjoyed short formative stays in several centers, such as the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK, Germany), University of California-Davis (USA), University of Florida (USA), CREAF-UAB, Imperial College London (UK), CBIO (Portugal), Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil), just to cite a few. We maintain forthright relationships and regular links with other scientists, such as the EVOFLOR team,  Silvia Castro and João Loureiro (University of Coimbra, Portugal), Jordi Bosch (CREAF-UAB), Carl Rothfels (University of California-Berkeley, USA),etc., which can favor the mobility and training of our students. Support for assistance to national and international research meetings and to formative courses is also granted for our students.

We have also training biological sciences students through our participation in the “Internal Training Program” from the University of Granada (Plan de Formación Interna, Centro de Promoción de Empleo y Prácticas. Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes), and also through our work as advisers for Master and Grade students working to develop the TFM and TFG Thesis. In addition, we have also contributed to training FP students as technicians with an agreement with professional training schools. At least two of those students are currently working as technicians in biological labs.


Past PhD Students

  • Javier Valverde (UGR, 2017)
    Generalización estructurada dinámica evolutiva a escala espacial fina en un sistema generalista
    Advisers: F Perfectti and JM Gómez
  • Anja Rösler (UGR, 2014)
    The origins and evolution of the Indo-Pacific reef coralline algae
    Advisers: JC Braga and F Perfectti
  • Antonio Jesús Muñoz Pajares (UGR, 2013)
    Erysimum mediohispanicum at the evolutionary crossroad phylogeography, phenotype, and pollinators
    Advisers: F Perfectti and JM Gómez
  • Mohamed Abdelaziz (UGR, 2013)
    How species are evolutionarily maintained? Pollinator-mediated divergence and hybridization in Erysimum mediohispanicum and Erysimum nevadense
    Advisers: JM Gómez and F Perfectti
  • Ayub M.O. Oduor (UGR, 2012)
    Dissecting ecological and evolutionary mechanisms underlying invasiveness of plants: using Brassica nigra as a model plant
    Advisers: JM Gómez, F Perfectti and SY Strauss
  • María Teruel (UGR, 2009)
    Origen, expresión y efectos fenotípicos  de un parásito genómico
    Advisers: J Cabrero, and F Perfectti

Past Master Students

  • Mercedes Sánchez Cabrera (UGR, 2016)
    El microbioma del néctar en poblaciones simpátricas y alopátricas del género Erysimum
    Advisers: F Perfectti and I Reche
  • Felipe Chiappe (UGR, 2015)
    Filogenia de las especies italianas del género Erysimum
    Adviser: F Perfectti
  • Joaquín Calatayud Ortega (UGR, 2012)
    Redes de interacción de individuos de E. mediohispanicum: ¿Quiénes y por qué son los protagonistas?
    Advisers: F Perfectti