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About this page

Here you will have access to all information regarding talks, visitors and events taking place in the Department of Geometry and Topology - University of Granada, as well as additional information about activities on Differential Geometry.

In the menu at the top of the page you can login to edit the contents (provided that you have a registered account) or subscribe to this site by using any software supporting RSS standard. It will make you be up-to-date with all talks, news and events in the Seminar. Most web browsers are able to read this type of document and no additional software is needed. You can also subscribe to the Seminar calendar. You will find further information in the section subscribe to this website.

On the other hand, in the main menu you will find several options:

  • Home: A summary of next talks, events and news, and current visitors.
  • Calendar: A calendar where scheduled talks, visitors and events are marked. You can subscribe to the calendar by using any desktop or web application supporting icalendar standard. A how-to guide can be found at the subscribe page.
  • Events: A list of next conferences and meetings, including those organized by the Department of Geometry and Topology as well as other ones concerning Differential Geometry.
  • Visitors: A list of mathematicians that are currently visiting our Department, as well as next scheduled visits. Here you will also find a list of all people who has ever visited the Department, in chronological order.
  • Past records: A list of all talks and events, ordered by year and since 1997. At the top of this page you will find an interactive menu which will allow you to do a specific search.

About the translation

This page has been translated to other languages thanks to the invaluable help of:

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Who are we?

The Geometry Seminar is organized by the following members of the Department of Geometry and Topology:

If you have any question or suggestion, you can address it to any of us or use the contact form.

Get in touch

We welcome any information about lectures, conferences and meetings concerning Differential Geometry. Please contact us by using our contact form

Design and code

This whole website has been developed by means of free software. More specifically, the PHP codeigniter framework, as well as the following tools: jquery, fullcalendar, iCalCreator, fancybox and Google Chart API.

Both the desing and the programming of this website have been done by Francisco Torralbo. The author would like to thank María Dolores Ruiz for her priceless help in building the database.