En esta sección podrá subscribirse a la página del seminario para estar siempre informado de las conferencias, eventos y noticias. Así mismo, podrá incluir el calendario del seminario en cualquier programa que soporte el formato ical

Subscribe to this page

This website makes use of RSS standard so you can automatically subscribe to its content. RSS will allow you to be up-to-date with next talks, news and events taking place in the Seminar. Most web browsers are able to read this type of documents and no additional software is required, though many desktop and web applications provide this service.

You can choose between several options to subscribe:

  • All: This link will subscribe you to talks, events and news.
  • Talks: You will only received information regarding next talks in the Seminar.
  • Events: You will only received information regarding next events in the Seminar.
  • News: You will only received information regarding news in the Seminar

Subscribe to the calendar

The calendar includes talks, visitors and events, and can be opened by any sofware supporting iCalendar standard (e.g., Google Calendar, Evolution, iCal, Microsoft Outlook). To do it, it suffices to add a new calendar by using one of the following addresses

  • https://wpd.ugr.es/~geometry/seminar/feed/calendar: Talks, events and news calendar
  • https://wpd.ugr.es/~geometry/seminar/feed/calendar/talks: Only-talks calendar
  • https://wpd.ugr.es/~geometry/seminar/feed/calendar/visitors: Only-visitors calendar
  • https://wpd.ugr.es/~geometry/seminar/feed/calendar/events: Only-events calendar