Personal web page of José Camacho Páez

My name is José Camacho Páez, but most people call me Pepe. I am associate professor with the Department of Signal Theory, Telematics and Communications and researcher in the Information and Communication Technologies Research Centre, CITIC for its initials in Spanish, at the University of Granada, Spain.

My research interests include exploratory data analysis, anomaly detection and optimization with multivariate techniques applied to data of very different nature, including biology, chemistry and communication networks. I specialize in extracting knowledge from data and the design of new algorithms to do so. I enjoy collaboration in a creative and friendly atmosphere.

I enjoy supervising students at Degree (TFG), Master (TFM) and Doctorate (PhD) levels. Please, note I only supervise works focused on data analysis. More info here.

I love music, mountains and science (in contanstly changing order).

José Camacho Páez